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Genetic diversity of pumpkin based on morphological and SSR markers

Wang Yunli, Wang Yangyang, Xu Wenlong, Wang Chaojie, Cui Chongshi and Qu Shuping

Cucurbita pepo is an economically important plant. However, the fact that there are few high-quality varieties that have limited the development of this plant in Cucurbita breeding programs. Aiming to provide genetic improvement and application on breeding of Cucurbita breeding programs, the diversity of 64 C. pepo accessions was analyzed using morphological and simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. A total of 45 morphological traits in C. pepo accessions presented large morphological characteristic variability, from 6.30% (for flower shape) to 70.84% (for fruit umbilicus diameter), with an average variability of 34.43%, whereas the average diversity index of all traits was 1.25, ranging from 0.2% (for seed width) to 4.8% (for seed thickness). Sixty accessions were discriminated into 2 clusters morphological and molecular markers: cluster I included 5 accessions with hull-less seeds, and cluster II included 59 accessions with shell-covered seeds. Cluster II was divided into 5 sub-clusters with different fruit and leaf shapes based on morphological data, and accessions with similar phenotypic features were grouped together. Cluster II was divided into dwarf and normal sub-clusters using SSR markers and accessions with the same origin and same geographical distribution were clustered together. There were some differences between the relationships morphological markers and SSR markers in this study. Morphological markers and SSR markers among the 64 C. pepo are not interchangeable methods but are complementary methods that together ensure the comprehensiveness and accuracy of analytical results

To Cite this article: Yunli, W., W. Yangyang, X. Wenlong, W. Chaojie, C. Chongshi and Q. Shuping. 2020.  Genetic diversity of pumpkin based on morphological and SSR markers. Pak. J. Bot., 52(2): DOI:

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