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Optimization process for enhanced extracellular lipases production from a new isolate of Aspergillus terreus AH-F2

Aroosh Shabbir and Hamid Mukhtar

Lipases are the enzymes of choice for applications in a large number of industries. Present study describes the isolation of potent lipolytic fungal strains and their subsequent production by using shake flasks fermentation technique. The selected isolate was identified as Aspergillus terreus, based on morphological features and 18s rRNA sequencing. Seven different culture media were analyzed for the extracellular lipase production employing A. terreus as the production organism and it was found that M6 gave maximum lipase production i.e., 5.0 U/mL/min in the medium containing (% w/v) MgSO4, 0.05; NaNO3, 0.05; KCl, 0.05; KH2PO4, 0.2; olive oil, 1.0; pH 6.0. Maximum production of lipase (7.66 U/mL/min) was found at a medium pH of 6.0 and an incubation temperature of 30oC after 72 hrs of incubation period. An increase in the lipase production (7.99 U/mL/min) was observed when the production medium was provided with 1.0% peptone, 2.0% glucose and 1.0% olive oil. Ammonium sulphate precipitation was carried out for the partial purification of the lipase and maximum purification of the enzyme was found at 80% saturation level of ammonium sulphate with 1.812 fold purification.

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