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Production and characterization of commercial cellulase produced through Aspergillus niger IMMIS1 after screening fungal species

Muhammad Imran, Zahid Anwar, Muddassar Zafar, Asad Ali and Muhammad Arif

Present study is designed to screen fungal species for cellulase production from agricultural wastes and their utilization in industry. A wide variety of fungal species have capability to degrade cellulosic waste materials, but only a small number of fungal species produce cellulase in significant amount. In the given study, twenty three fungal species were collected from various sources belonged to four different genera, and analyzed for cellulolytic activity. Fungal cellulase activity was checked with 1% Congo red dye in alkaline medium to screen and isolate novel fungal species. The diameter of yellow zone indicated the cellulolytic activity of fungal species. Index of Relative enzyme activity (ICMC) depicted high cellulase producing species and low cellulase producing species in different categories. Species of Trichoderma and Humicola revealed maximum cellulase activity as compared to Aspergillus and Penicillium. The specific activity of crude cellulase produced by Aspergillus niger IMMIS1 was 238 U/mg, after Ammonium sulphate precipitation 260 U/mg, after dialysis 334 U/mg and after gel filtration 388 U/mg. Purification fold was increased up to 1 to 1.63 after gel filtration. The cellulase used for the clarification of fruit juices, revealed rise in percentage yield of apple 25%, mango 18%, apricot 9% and peach 14%. Ariel detergent revealed maximum stability for cellulase protein as compared to other local detergents.

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