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Molecular phylogeny and systematic status of some Tanacetum L. (Asteraceae) taxa from Turkey

Gulden Kocak, Asli Yilmaz and Alpaslan Kocak

Tanacetum is an important member of the Asteraceae family and considered the most problematic genus and the phylogenetic position of some taxa is of great interest because of the high morphologic diversity and taxonomical complexity. Molecular phylogeny and systematic status of some Tanacetum taxa from Turkey has been carried out. T. heterotomum (endemic), T. cadmeum subsp. orientale (endemic), T. cappadocicum, and T. eginense have not been included in any molecular phylogenetic analysis yet. To determine the phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic status of Tanacetum L. taxa we analysed internal transcribed spacer (ITS) from nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA) and trnL (UAA) intron, intergenic spacer between the trnL (UAA) 3’ exon and trnF (GAA) from chloroplast DNA (cpDNA). According to the phylogenetic trees two main clades were formed. First clade included T. eginense, T. cadmeum subsp. orientale and T. cappadocicum, the other clade included T. heterotomum according to the data based upon the nrDNA. On the other hand, according to the cpDNA data, all four taxa were located in the same branch.

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