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Morphometric analysis of Brassica carinata elite lines reveals variation for yield related traits

Sohail Ahmad Jan, Zabta Khan Shinwari, Naushad Ali and Malik Ashiq Rabbani

Brassica carinata is an important species that shows maximum agro-morphological based variations. The principal component analysis (PCA) is an effective method for the selection of best parent and further improvement of breeding program. In the present research work we evaluated the genetic variability among thirty eight elite genotypes of B. carinata. The data for fourteen agro-morphological quantitative traits were analyzed by PCA and correlation analysis. Our results show that maximum variability was found in the first six principal component (PC) groups that contributed 76.20% of overall variability. Among these PC groups the first PC group accounted for maximum variability (28.54%) as compared to other groups. Among different PC groups the days to flowering traits (from days to flower initiation to completion), pod length/width, height of plant etc. showed highest genetic variability. Some unique highly diverse genotypes were also screened through scatter plot including Chakwal raya, Bc-701, Bc-702, Bc-707, Bc-709, Bc-711, Bc-740, Bc-778, Bc-880 and Bc-881. All the flowering traits, pod length/width, pods/main raceme, thousand seed weight gave positive relation with yield trait. The elite screened genotypes can be useful for further improvement of this important Brassica species.

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