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Genome size variation is correlated with altitude within Chinese species of Allium L. 

Fengling Guo, Jinping Wu, Leifu Chen, Jie Zhou, Yanxu Yin and Zhengming Qiu

Species in the genus Allium L. (Alliaceae) are important economic crops. They exhibit variations in genome size and basic chromosome number. In the present study, the nuclear genome size of plants sampled from Allium populations was determined using flow cytometry occuring at altitudes from 43 m to 1530 m above sea level (asl) in Hubei province, China. Our results revealed that the values of 2C genome of these Allium populations distributed from 15.10 to 64.65 pg, the significant interspecific variation in the nuclear DNA contents. There is a positive correlation among these Allium population between altitude and genome size. This study will deepen the understanding of the relationship between the nuclear genome size and the habitat altitude in high altitude-dependent plants.

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