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Geographical patterns of Raunkiaerian life-form spectra in China

Xiang Xu, Huayong Zhang, Ting Xie, Junjie Yue, Lei Zhao and Yonglan Tian

The first quantitative picture of the geographical distribution pattern of plant life-form spectra in China using SPSS and ArcGIS is presented. Based on the plant species data in 147 nature reserves across China and Raunkiaerian life-form classification system, we classified those reserves into five clusters using the cluster analysis. We quantified the mean proportions of phanerophytes, chamaephytes, hemicryptophytes, cryptophytes, and therophytes in each cluster to capture the essential life-form spectrum and simulated its geographical pattern at the large-scale in terms of its favorable climate conditions. We found that consistent with the biomes of China, the biological spectrum dominated by phanerophytes was mainly distributed in the subtropical region, and the spectrum dominated by hemicryptophytes concentrated in the temperate region. This full regional picture of Raunkiaerian life-form spectra in China will be helpful in the comprehensive understanding of the flora composition in China and provide theoretical guidance for the forest management and biodiversity conservation in the terrestrial ecosystems.

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