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Genotypic variations in salinity tolerance amoung BT cotton

Muhammad Awais Farooq, A. Shakeel, R.M. Atif And M.F. Saleem

Salinity stress is one of the most serious environmental problem that negatively affects the growth of plants, especially in arid and semi arid regions. Scientists have been struggling to address this problem through land reclamation methods and by adding various organic manures into the soil. However, the most cost effective method is to develop salt tolerant varieties. Keeping this in view, fifty cotton genotypes were collected from different areas and were subjected to evaluation. Plants were irrigated with nutrient solution with an electrical conductivity of 10dSm-1 and 15dSm-1 from 10th day seedlings stage to 40th day. Plants were harvested when they were 40 days old and the data was compared at absolute value and relative values from the seedlings. Analysis of variance indicated that there were significant differences among genotypes at control and both salinity levels. Results showed that salinity adversely affected the root length, shoot length, fresh root weight, fresh shoot weight, dry shoot weight, dry root weight in comparison to chlorophyll contents. Magnitude of Sodium under NaCl stress increased many folds and reduction in potassium was also witnessed in the leaves. Broad sense heritability was high whereas phenotypic variance is equal or less than genotypic variances. The genotypes that perform better for the trait that had high broad sense heritability were selected as salt tolerant genotypes such as KEHKSHAN, S 3, NIAB 824 and MNH 988 whereas C 26, FH 114 and FH 173 were conceived as salt sensitive genotypes. The results indicate that selection for cotton will be problematic due to masking effects of environment, and imply rigorous and careful selection of salt tolerant genotypes

To Cite this article: Farooq, M.A., A. Shakeel, R.M. Atif and M.F. Saleem. 2019. Genotypic variations in salinity tolerance among Bt cotton. Pak. J. Bot., 51(6): DOI:

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