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Mycorrhizal fungi of some Orchis species of Turkey

Vildan Akin Mutlu and Yasemin Özdener Kömpe

In Turkey, orchids are under a serious threat of extinction as a result of both excessive collecting and severe destruction of their habitats. Studies conducted have shown that the protection of orchids depends on the presence of mycorrhizal fungal biodiversity. The purpose of this study is to isolate the orchid mycorrhizal fungi in the roots of the individuals of 7 Orchis species taken from three different habitats in Samsun (Turkey) and to create a fungus bank after molecular identification is conducted. For this reason, the plant roots of Orchis species were collected at the spring and summer months of 2014 and 2015. Isolates were classified according to morphological characteristics and examined according to rDNA ITS sequences. Nine isolates were defined morphologically as Rhizoctonia-like, while one isolate was defined as non- Rhizoctonia. Cluster analysis (UPGMA) method was used to find out the similarities and differences of morphological characteristics and cladogram was constructed. In order to be able to define the isolates of 3 clads formed with morphological data at molecular level, we obtained ITS1-5.8S-ITS4 area by using ITS 4 and ITS 5 primers. Based on DNA sequencing, it was found that 7 of the 9 Rhizoctonia-like isolates were associated with sequences of Tulasnellaceae species while 2 were associated with sequences of Ceratobasidiaceae species and 1 non-Rhizoctonia isolate was associated with sequences of Pezizaceae species.

To Cite this article: Mutlu, V.A. and Y.Ö. Kömpe. 2020. Mycorrhizal fungi of some Orchis species of Turkey. Pak. J. Bot., 52(2): DOI:

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