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Molecular breeding of fragrant early-season hybrid rice using the BADH2 gene

Zhonghua Sheng, Sajid Fiaz, Qianlong Li, Wei Chen, Xiangjin Wei, Lihong Xie, Guiai Jiao, Gaoneng Shao, Shaoqing Tang, Jianlong Wang and Peisong Hu

Fragrance is an important index of rice quality. Consumers value high-quality fragrant rice. In this study, Badh2-1, a new functional molecular marker of Badh2, was designed for marker-assisted selection (MAS) of fragrant rice containing high levels of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline (2AP). Badh2-1 MAS was then used to breed fragrant early-season two-line male sterile rice lines YuS-1 and YuS-5, restorer lines R66-1, R66-7, R66-15 and fragrant early-season hybrid rice varieties Yuliangyou 120, Yuliangyou 125 and Yuliangyou 130. Each of these contains 2AP in the range 414-734 ppb (ug/kg) and the hybrids exhibit increased yield and relatively good rice quality. The breeding of fragrant early-season rice will improve the crop’s organoleptic qualities, which will increase the price and thus the economic motivation for planting early-season rice, helping to improve the food security of China and other nations.

To Cite this article: Sheng, Z., S. Fiaz, Q. Li, W. Chen, X. Wei, L. Xie, G. Jiao, G. Shao, S. Tang, J. Wang and P. Hu. 2019. Molecular breeding of fragrant early-season hybrid rice using the BADH2 gene. Pak. J. Bot., 51(6): DOI:

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