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Native conifers of Vietnam - a review

Phan Ke Loc, Pham Van The, Phan Ke Long, Regalado J, Averyanov L.V. and Maslin B

This review includes 33 species,2 subspecies and 5 varieties of native conifers belonging to 5 families and 19 genera from Vietnam. The largest family is Pinaceae (5 genera, 13species). Next are Cupressaceae (7 genera, 7 species), Podocarpaceae (4 genera, 7 species), Taxaceae (2 genera, 5 species) and Cephalotaxaceae (1 genus and species). Thirty taxa, representing 90% of the total are assessed as nationally threatened. Among them 3 as ‑ CR (Cupressus tonkinensis, Glyptostrobus pensilis, Xanthocyparis vietnamensis), 8 as ‑ EN (Abies delavayi subsp. fansipanensis, Calocedrus macrolepis var. macrolepis, Cunninghamia lanceolata var. konishii, Fokienia hodginsii, Keteleeria davidiana, Pinus armandii subsp. xuanhaensis, P. henryi, Taxus wallichiana) and 19 as VU. Data on morphology, ecology, biology and habitat for acceptedtaxa are updated in the light of critical study of new collections. Notwithstanding the revised information presented here, it is likely that further changes to the conifer flora of Vietnam will occur in the future because many mountain regions remain poorly explored botanically, many existing collections lack fertile parts that are needed for positive identifications, and there exists a number of species-groups that require further critical taxonomic study. These groups include the following: Keteleeria davidiana and Keteleeria evelyniana, Nageia fleuryi and Nageia nagi, Taxus chinensis and Taxus wallichiana, Tsuga chinensis and Tsuga dumosa, Podocarpus annamiensis and Podocarpus neriifolius, Pinus dalatensis and Pinus anemophila, Pinus kwangtungensis and Pinus wangii. Podocarpus neriifolius var. annamiensis (N.E. Gray) L.K. Phan, comb. et stat. nov. is also proposed.

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