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Glutenin subunits, gliadin patterns and glutopeak characteristics of Turkey’s doubled haploid wheat lines

Imren Kutlu, Merve Carikci, Ozcan Yorgancilar, Aysel Yorgancilar, Yasar Karaduman and Zeynep Sirel

In this study, high molecular weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GS), gliadin patterns, some bread-making quality parameters of doubled haploid wheat lines and their relationships were examined. It appeared from the dendrogram, drawn according to gliadin patterns that there was a variation between genotypes. Additionally, γ-, β- and α-gliadin units were correlated with gluten quality. HMW-GS compositions of doubled haploid lines were very diverse. Subunit 5+10 related high bread-making quality potential was observed in 59 genotypes and the Glu-1 scores changed from 8 to10. This indicates that these genotypes may have a great potential for high bread-making quality. In the study, positive correlations were found among the Glu-1 loci and/or score and the gluten strength characteristics and the SDS sedimentation test. Those doubled haploid population has an important potential in elaboration the contributions made by a number of diverse high molecular weight (HMW) glutenin alleles to the gluten strength characteristics in a set of homogeneous lines of wheat, espicially DNA-based researches for example QTL mapping, marker development. This study and information gained from future researches will increase awareness among wheat quality breeders

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