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Effects of shading and organic fertilizers on tomato yield and quality

Harun Özer

The present study was carried out to determine the effects of 50% shading and three different organic fertilizers [rice husk compost (RHC), broad bean green manure (B) and turnip residues (T)] on yield and quality parameters of tomatoes cv. Sumela F1 grown in the field. The plants grown in shade (50 %) had a higher (p˂0.01) leaf chlorophyll content and leaf photosynthetic rate, fruit yield, firmness, soluble solids content (SSC), titratable acidity (TA) and vitamin C than those grown unshaded. The highest leaf photosynthetic rate (88.31µmol O2 m-2 s-1), fruit firmness (19.62 N) and fruit vitamin C content (38.44mg 100 g-1) were obtained from turnip residues (T) treatment under shading. The highest values for SSC (5.6%), yield (3.97 kgper plant) and leaf chlorophyll content (46.68 CCI) were obtained fromshaded and broad bean green manure treatment

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