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The epiphytic bryophyte flora and vegetation of Boraboy and Destek forests (Amasya, Turkey)

Mevlüt Alataş, Nevzat Batan, Tülay Ezer and Güray Uyar

In this study, epiphytic bryophyte flora and vegetation were investigated of Boraboy and Destek forests in Amasya province (Turkey). A total of 22 bryophyte taxa (19 mosses, 3 liverworts) were recorded in the research site. As a result of the investigation of 32 sampling releves taken from the trunks by the Braun-Blanquet method, two epiphytic bryophyte associations (Orthotrichetum pallentisand Orthotrichetum striati) belonging to the Ulotion crispaealliance were detected. Among these syntaxa Orthotrichetum pallentiswas recorded for the first time from Turkey. Furthermore, the life forms and life strategies spectrum in syntaxa were analyzed. Analysis result indicates a distinct correlation between life forms, strategies and ecological conditions of the area. Weft and cushion are dominant life forms, Perennial stayers with high sexual reproductive effort is dominant life strategy in the syntaxa. In addition, the ecological characteristics of bryophyte taxa were evaluated. According to these results the largest number of epiphytic bryophytes in the area are mesophytic, sciophyte and subneutrophyte. 

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