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Growth attributes and distributional pattern of halophytic Cyperus laevigatus L. along salinity and altitude gradients

Mehwish Naseer, Mansoor Hameed, Farooq Ahmad and Shahzad Maqsood Ahmad Basra

To examine the growth response and distributional pattern of a potential hydro-halophyte, Cyperus laevigatus L., a detailed survey of Punjab province was conducted. Sixteen habitats possessing different salinity and altitude levels were explored and different soil and eco-morphological parameters were assessed. C. laevigatus growing at Pakka Anna with heavily sat-affected sandy loam soil and low altitude showed the maximum growth, however, many other habitats with higher salinity and low altitude showed reduced growth like Sangla Hill and Sargodha as compared to Pakka Anna. Therefore, it was concluded that distribution and growth of C. laevigatus was not due to either salinity or altitude, but depends on the combined effect of many environmental factors like soil texture, ECe, altitude etc. however, the degree of tolerance of this species was extremely high not only along salinity but also with altitude

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