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Regulations of pollen germination and tube growth of different parts of catharanthus roseus L.

Samina rauf and M. ishaq khan

Alcoholic extract of vegetative and reproductive parts of catharanthus roseus was tested for substances responsible for germination and growth of pollen tube of the same plant. Several promoters and inhibitors of pollen germination and tube growth were detected in extracts of anthers , stigma, style and ovary. In the ovary extract no pollen tube growth promoter was found. The major differences in the quality of the growth regulators dependent on the type of tissue tested. Extracts of leaf , young fruit, mature fruits and seeds contained compounds which inhibited the pollen germination and the tube growth of C. roseus . the Rf value of the inhibitors differed according to the tissue used . no promoter was found in any of these extracts.

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