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Effect of brown rust infection on indole- 3-acetic acid and the activity of enzyme IAA-oxidase in different cultivars of wheat.

Hajra azhar ali

Effect of brown rust infection on endogenous level of IAA and the activity of enzyme IAA-oxidase in three different cultivars of wheat was investigated . infected stem tissues of highly susceptible cultivars Pak-70 and Chenab- 70 showed significant increase in IAA level as comparatively resistant cv., ZA-77. Diseased leaves of cv., ZA-77 and Pak-70 showed no significant change in IAA contents, whereas it increased significantly in cv., Chenab-70. Pronounced decline In IAA oxidase activity was observed in leaves and stem tissues of cv., Chenab-70, while in cv., Pak-70 it is increased after sporulation and then declined. Rust infection does not seem to have any considerable effect on

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