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Controlling elements inducing mutational changes at the pal locus in anttrrhinum majus


In anttrrhinum majus the pal-rec-low-o is a repressed state of the pallida-recurrens allele. In heterozygous condition, especially with pal-tub- pal—tub tester, its mutuation frequency increases from few tiny spots to very clear sectors of mutability on a recessive colourless background. This particular evocation of the pal-rec-low-o allele is considered to be dependent on the presence of a regulatory element Pr. In the absence of such a regulatory element, the pal-rec- low-o exhibits stable expression owing to the effect of a repressor Rp residing ai or near the locus. However, pal-tub- regulatory element could be inactive , when inactive , can be made transactive by introducing a fresh regulator which may segregate at meiosis.

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