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Combining ability estimates of some tester lines used onto cytoplasmic male sterile cotton

Barkat ali soomro, ali Hassan baloch ad abdul razaq soomro

Three cytoplasmic male sterile lines of cotton and six hirsutum ono-restore pollinators were used as tester lines on to CMS parents to study the general and specific combining ability parameters for yield of seed cotton, seed index , lint index, ginning outumn percentage and staple length . of tht tester lines used , K- 68/9 was observed to be the best combiner for yield of seedcotton and therefore was considered suitable for converting it into restore parent to be utilized in hybrid cotton development programme. Per se performance of hybrids for yield of seedcotton was correlated with specific combining ability ffects but the correlation did not hold good with respect to seed index , lint index, g.o.t.% and staple length. Generally the GCA of a tester line was not correlated with the SCA of a hybrid for all the characters. GCA effects were more pronounced with respect to yield , as compared to SCA effects , and therefore selection has been advocated on the basis of GCA’s of the tester lines.

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