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Intergeneric hybridization to induce alien genetic transfers into triticum aestivum


Intergeneric hybridization investigation in cereals , particularly the triticeae, have gained greater research interest since the late 1960’s . embryo recovery has remained alarmingly low, and at times has only been possible after utilizing special pre-and/or post- pollination manipulative procedures in attempts to enhance crossability . this paper describes efforts to improve triticum aestivum L. (2n=6x=42, AABBDD) by utilizing the alien genetic variation of diverse genera for incorporation of disease resistance or tolerance to soil and environmental stresses. Some intergeneric hybrids between agropyron species , Elymus species , haynaldia villosa , hordeum vulgare , secale cereal, T. turgidum , and T. aestivum are described . additionally are described hybrids of potential agricultural gain and those with limitations of practically.

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