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Growth of azadirachta indica and melia azedarach at coastal sand using highly saline water for irrigation.

Rafiq ahmad, D. khan and shoaib ismail

azadirachta indica and melia azedarach were grown at coastal sand using 10-30% dilutions of saline water; (EC1W : 4.5-14.0 dS.m-1). For irrigation . height and diameter of the plants decreased as compared to control plants which were irrigated with non-saline water. Plants irrigated with saline water showed an increase in moisture content and decrease in chlorophyll , sugar and protein content associated with an increase in proline. Under saline water irrigation M. azedarach showed rapid growth than A. indica . these plants could, therefore, be grown for afforestation at sandy deserts using underground saline water for irrigation where normal non-saline water is not available.

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