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Genetic variability and correlation studies in brassica juncea


Sixteen strains were selected from a diverse mustard germplasm and the studies were carried out for the estimation of variability , heritability , genetic advance and correlations in 6 quantitative characters . the strains differed significantly for all the characters. High genotype and phenotypic variances were recorded for pods per plant and plant height. Maximum genotypic and phenotypic coefficient of variability was found for 1000 seed weight. The heritability estimates ranged from 0.51 – 0.95 and was highest in 1000 seed weight. High heritability combined with high genetic advance for 1000 seed weight and pods per plant indicated additive gene effect for these traits which offers scope for their improvement through mass selection. Significantly positive correlations of seed yield with plant height , number of branches per plant and pods per plant , and pods per plant with number of branches per plant have been found.

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