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Observations on the fine structure of the endophyte in root nodules of alnus nitida ENDL.

Fauzia hafeez, ashraf , H. chaudhary and antoon D.L akkermans

The ultrastructure of root nodules of the Asian alder , alnus nitida , reveals that the developmental stages of the endophyte (frankia sp.) inside the nodules resemble with other actinorhize of Alnus spp. , and with pure cultures of frankia strains isolated from the same plant. The young stage of the endophyte shows hyphate which penetrate the cell wall of the conical cells and establish in the center of the cell as samified mass. The ends of the hyphate near the periphery of the host cell are swollen to form sphericsl vesicles the mature vesicles are septate, each compartment having its own nuclear material . void areas are present around the vesicles . an upper layer and a basal loose layer of the vesicle cell wall have been found inside the void area. The plants nucleus is characterized by a double porous membrane at the periphery . oncentration of mitochondria are present near the vesicles, suggesting a close association between the endophyte and the host. The possible function of the capsular material surrounding the vesicles for the protection of nitrogenase against oxygen is discissed.

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