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Fresh water algae of hanna urak valley quetta

Farrukh hussain , ghazala anjum , mudassar israr zaidi and M.A.F. faridi

Algal flora of hanna-urak valley, near quetta , Baluchistan comprised of 39 genera and 89 species distributed in cyanophyceae (17 spp.), chlorophyceae (31 spp)charophyceae (1 sp) , xanthophyceae (1 sp), bacillariophyceae (36 spp) and euglenophyceae (3 spp)., 34 species of which are new records for Pakistan . cymbella (9 spp) , navicula (6 spp), cosmarium (6 spp ). Spiroghra (6 spp)zygnema (6 spp0 were more common.

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