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Changes in isozymes shikimate dehydrogenase and peroxidase during gibberellic acid induced induction and formation of antheridium in the fern anemia phyllitidis.

Javed iqbal and helmut schraudolf

Changes in isozymes of shikimate dehydrogenase and peroxidase were studied during the induction and formation of antheridium in anemia phyllitidis . upto six isozymic forms of shikimate dehydrogenase were detected . starting from two isozymes in dry spores the number rose to four during germination and six during antheridium formation . three isozymes of peroxidase were first detected on sixth day of development when antheridia had been formed and spermatogenesis initiated . no- qualitative differences in both of these enzymes were found in between vegetative and antheridial prothalli. The observed differences in between two treatments were quanitative , the amount of both enzymes being greater in antheridium bearing prothalli.

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