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The influence of stage of host development on vescular- arbuscular mycorrhizae and endogonaceous spores in field- grown vegetable crops . II winter- grown crops


The pattern of mycorrhizal of roots of the fully grown vegetable crops studied showed three phases , a lag phase , a phase of rapid development and a constant phase . twenty eight days after sowing or transplanting 12.21% of the root length was infected , but the proportion then increased progressively to a more or less constant value which ranged between 58 to 90 % depending upon the host species. With carrot (daucus carota L.) coriander ( coriandrum sativum L.) onion ( allium cepa L.) and fenugreek (trigonella focnunigraecum L.) no constant phase was observed with in the sampling period. No VA mycorrhizae were found in cauliflower ( brassicaoterarea L var. botrytis L.) radishal ( raphanus saltiva L.) turnip ( brassica napobrassica mill ). Spinach beet (beta vulgaris L.spp maritime) and beet (beta vulagaris L.) . during the first 4-8 weeks of crop growth , the endogonaceous spore population of the soil decreased , but then increased to final harvest time.

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