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Effects of water and nitrogen limited supply on stereotypic characteristics of high-yielding wheat

He-Cang Zang, Yan-Jing Wang, Yun-Peng Liu, Ying-Hua Zhang, Guo-Qiang Li, Zhi-Min Wang and Guo-Qing Zheng

Water and nitrogen fertilizer are important factors affecting wheat yield and quality. In this study, canopy morphogenesis and yield formation of winter wheat were studied by optimizing field water and nitrogen input. The specific treatments included Jimai 22 and Jimai 15 as materials, two irrigation methods (W1, 90 mm; W2165 mm) and three nitrogen fertilizer amounts (Nb, 123 kg/hm2; N1192 kg/hm2; N2270 kg/hm2). The results showed that W2N1 had the highest yield of 9954.61 kg/hm2. Under the same irrigation level, the leaf area index of each leaf layer under N2 treatment was higher than that under N1 treatment, and the appropriate addition of nitrogen fertilizer could effectively improve the leaf area index. Accordingly, the dry matter accumulation of wheat reached the highest level at maturity, and the contribution of dry matter to grain yield before flowering of Jimai 22 and Shimai 15 was 33.7% and 18.6%, which showed that the effective accumulation and transportation of dry matter had a more obvious impact on the yield formation of Jimai 22. Therefore, proper water and nitrogen input can effectively improve the wheat canopy structure, and W2N1 treatment has the best effect. The above research provides technical and theoretical support for water-saving and efficient cultivation of winter wheat

To Cite this article: Zang, H.C., Y.J. Wang, Y.P. Liu, Y.H. Zhang, G.Q. Li, Z.M. Wang and G.Q. Zheng. 2024. Effects of water and nitrogen limited supply on stereotypic characteristics of high-yielding wheat. Pak. J. Bot., 56(4): DOI:  

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