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Oxytropis mandokhailii (Fabaceae) a new species from Zhob, Pakistan

Nazar Khan, Amir Sultan, Mahrine Rashid and Kamran Ishaq

A new species Oxytropis mandokhailii (Fabaceae) from Zhob distict of Pakistan is described and illustrated. The new species is characterized by basally fused unequal stipules, heteromorphic leaves and very long stems. Key to Oxytropis species in Flora of Pakistan is amended to reflect the diagnostic characters of O. mandokhailii.  

To Cite this article: Khan, N., A. Sultan, M. Rashid and K. Ishaq. 2023. Oxytropis mandokhailii (Fabaceae) a new species from Zhob, Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 55(1): DOI:  

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