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Alignment of phenotypic selection with quantitatively recorded data in F6 generations of indeterminate tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

Nausherwan Nobel Nawab, Taj Naseeb Khan, Waleed Quresh, Shamaila Rasheed, Mohsin Ali, Aasia Ramzan and Muhammad Mazhar Hussain

Segregation is the way to explore genetic variability in terms of high yield, disease or cold tolerance. Selection of competitive plants is a decisive step for the plant breeders after hybridization. However, year to year selections and evaluations sometimes are effected by varying environmental conditions. There were about 288 single plant selections from 04 (F6) generations of indeterminate tomato. Selection pressure was exerted by keeping in view of the yield assessing traits as well as the consumer acceptable fruit shapes i.e.; round, oblong and oval. About 184 single plant selections were made for round fruit, 174 for oblong, 12 for oval shaped fruit morphologies keeping in view of their yield contributing parameters. Phenotypic selections based upon the plant condition i.e.; poor, good, very good, excellent and satisfactory were made and data on the important quantitative traits were also recorded. Out of 997 plants of 184 round single plant selections; 17 plants fell under excellent category while 35 under very good, 260 under good, 100 under satisfactory and 580 under poor category while in the 746 plants belonging to 174 oblong single plant selections; 25 plants fell under excellent category while 20 under very good, 197 under good, 39 under satisfactory and 462 under poor categories. 12 single plant selections of oval fruit morphology comprised of 83 plants. Out of these 84 plants, only 14 plants fell under good, 06 under satisfactory and 63 under poor categories. The mean values were compared with their respective standard error, standard deviation and range values for each of the traits in each of the categories. A hierarchy was also determined for the mean values in each of the categories described for plant condition in each of the traits justified the alignment of phenotypic selection with the quantitative data

To Cite this article: Nawab, N.N., T.N. Khan, W. Quresh, S. Rasheed, M. Ali, A. Ramzan and M.M. Hussain. 2023. Alignment of phenotypic selection with quantitatively recorded data in F6 generations of indeterminate tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.). Pak. J. Bot., 55(6): DOI:

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